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From: Aurelian POPA
Date: December 2012


My name is Aurelian. I live in Romania and I have been a disciple of Jiang’s Master since 2006. Ever since 2006, I have been traveling to China roughly each 100 days. Sometimes even more often.

During this period lots of video material accumulated on my external hard drives and lots of journal entries were written, while travelling on planes, on my way back.

The time has come to share with you some of these amazing materials  in form of video, images, audio and text.

What is this?

This is a set of materials recorded during our group’s visits in mainland China.

Since we started visiting Jiang Master, over 300 people joined our group. Some people went there to learn and practice. Others went there for medical purposes.

You can imagine that during these visits Jiang Master performed lots of demos and healing, not to mention the explanations he gave us.

After carefully selecting some of the best materials, I asked Jiang Master’s permission to create a website where those interested can access and watch these videos.

Fortunately, he agreed.

How can it help you?

Watching these videos and reading these materials is the closest thing to the real thing, to being there.

If you just want to learn and practice qi gong or nei gong (neidan), you can see what yin-yang-gong (the zapping ability) really means
and how a fa qi (emitting external qi) takes place.

Since Mo Pai John Chang’s well-known documentary, this would be the first time such materials are released in the public space.

You will see how disciples and students perform some demos, too.

If you just want to get diagnosed and healed, you can get a preview of the whole process before travelling in China.

After accessing these videos you can make an educated decision if this lineage is worth following or not.

You can see how Jiang Master does his work in front of several groups of westerners (Romanians mainly).

Some things cannot be explained trough video. In these cases you will take advantage of text-based supplementary explanations.

What to do next?

In order to get access to these materials, all you have to do is to push the bellow button and follow the checkout process.

This is a monthly subscription based website, therefore whenever you want to stop the subscription you can do so with the push of a button from within the private area or right from your Paypal account.

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a digital product, there is a no-refund-policy product and all sales are final.

So click the button bellow and I’ll be waiting for you on the private area.