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Book Launch Event in China

This event took place in Taiping, Anhui province on 2nd of March.

Master Jiang and Aurelian Popa signed the books for over 100 people from over 10 countries.

Because of the low audio quality, here is the approximate transcript:

1. For some of you, before leaving, Shi Fu would like Aurelian to show you what he prepared for
you. He wrote a book about Qi Gong.
2. The book is written in English – Shi Fu can’t read in English, write in English or even understand English but this is why Mr. Song is here with us, that means Mr. Grady but we call him Mr. Song, he is here to translate everything we need.
3. This book is a gift for all of you and after reading it hopefully will inspire you to practice Qi Gong. We are all grateful to Mr. Popa.
4. Mr. Popa, your book is written with sincerity, honesty and rendering true events, hopefully you’ll set a good example for everyone, Shi Fu really appreciates what you did. – Thank you ! – Shi Fu wished you could advance more into practice (??)
5. We ask Mr. Popa to offer and sign the book to everyone
6. There are enough books for everyone so each one of you receives a book.

Book title: Adventures in Qi Healing with Master Jiang
Author: Aurelian Popa
ISBN: 978-973-0-14236-5
102 pages, 46 black-and-white photos

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  • Endi December 24, 2013, 5:38 pm

    Hi, where can buy or download your book?

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