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Bucharest Fridays Book Sampling, June 7th 2013

Here’s the short video of the event where I was invited for a book sampling.

This is the transcript book’s presentation:

It is an honor for me to be here,

This the first time I am here;

This book is written in English, to be read by everyone;

I have travelled to China every three months since 2006; if we consider only the travel costs that means about 60.000 EUR;

A week in China costs about 2000 € and as I went there four times a year since 2006 …. the book costs $ 200 …  just kidding!;

The book is free for everyone who is present here and it is my way to thank for everything I experienced and lived there;

I go there to practice Qi Gong and to meet my master, Master Jiang whose picture you can see here.

He is a Shaolin master from a lineage of 83 generation, and that means a tradition of over 2000 years

Thank everyone, and I’ll wait for you all here …… Thanks again ….

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