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Please complete this registration form if you would like to visit Doctor Wu and his staff by joining our group.

The group size will be kept around 15-20 people.

Choose your trip interval(s) from the bellow drop down list.

Plan your arrival in Asia a few days earlier than the visit’s interval and the departure a few days after the visit’s interval.

You will receive information about the meeting point, hotels, transfers, etc.

We will arrange your international booking, internal transfer, food and accommodation (if you want us to do so for you).

You can join some or all of the “light” touristic activities during this trip (optional).

Do NOT buy your plane ticket until you receive a mail containing this subject line “YOU ARE IN”.

More details will be provided (via email) after your registration is processed.

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NOTE: You will be automatically enrolled for the bus transfer trip (if the case), group prearranged meals and the hotel booking starting with the previous day of the first day of the visit interval and ending with the last day of it. This is mandatory.

Example: if, say, interval is March March/20-22nd march, then you are covered between Macrch/19-22.

Outside of this interval you are on your own, unless you ask for assistance.