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Group visits calendar for 2014

We established new slots for the next visits this year in Taiping, China — Shifu’s clinic place.

Please plan to visit Master Jiang’s clinic according to the following intervals:

  • 25-27 Aug 2014
  • 7-9 Nov 2014

I suggest to take approximately one week off to include the desired interval.

The registration page is located here.

Choose the desired interval from the drop-downlist, bellow the introductory text.

About logistics now.

You have to arrive on your own to Tunxi (airport code TNX) latest on the evening before the visit starts (Oct 22nd or Nov 6th).

Tunxi is located in Huang Shan area, Anhui province, China.

You can arrive to Tunxi by plane (recommended), public bus, or train.

The rented bus will leave from Tunxi to Taiping at 8 PM sharp (Oct, 24th or Nov, 6th respectively) after the whole group gathers.

The meeting point in Tunxi is the lobby of Huang Shan International Hotel (every taxi driver can get you there for 10 RMB).

The first group meeting with Master Jiang will be at 9:30 AM on Oct 25th and Nov 7th.

After visit’s conclusion we’ll leave Taiping early noon, on Oct 28th or Nov 10th by rented bus.

After the bus will drop you in Tunxi please plan and make your own trip arrangements.

Ok. About costs now.

You will be automatically included in the accommodation arrangements for 3 or 4 days, depending on when you land or arrive on Tunxi:

  • (optional) 1 night in Tunxi (bff incl/max. 2 peers) – cost per night per room 400 rmb/50 eur/66 usd
  • 3 nights in Taiping (bff incl/max. 2 peers) – cost per night per room 400 rmb/50 eur/66 usd

Other costs:

  • food (lunch and breakfast inside the hotel or
  • restaurants around) – plan 50-100 RMB/pers/day
  • bus transfer (one way) – 200 RMB
  • touristic agency commission – 100 RMB

All these fees are to be paid cash in China (RMB, USD or EUR) upon your arrival.

After the last day of the visit make your own trip arrangements.

If you need more nights in Tunxi and/or Taiping let my team now in advance (use the observations field in the registration form).

That’s it for now.

Again, submit your details via registration link here.

Oh, and one more thing.

I strongly suggest you to read this book *before* coming to China.

Also, please watch and read this blog.

For any other info please contact me by email (ap[at]masterjiang.com — use @ instead of [at]).

Hope to see you in China soon,

Aurelian Popa

NOTE I only contribute on and endorse these two websites:

  • www.MasterJiang.com (English)
  • www.Daoism.ro (Romanian)

There are other websites or web properties that are using my name, abusively, without my consent.

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