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Sweet Water Demo

There is a story about this “sweetening the water” demo in the first chapter of my book “Adventures in Qi Healing with Master Jiang”.

Now you have the chance of seeing the same demo performed during our last visit in March 2014.

— Aurelian


Graduation with “paper demo”

In the first 15 minutes of our last visit in china (Nov 2013), Shifu asked me to fa qi into those small pieces of cut paper.

I had never did it before.
I had never even tried it before.

Bellow you’ll see what happened.

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Telekinesis Demo

Wikipedia defines telekinesis as:

Telekinesis is a term used in parapsychology as either an alternate for psychokinesis or as the name of a specialty ability under the umbrella term of psychokinesis to refer to using the power of the mind to cause the movement of matter at a distance.

Telekinesis is also known as “remote influencing”, “distant influencing”, “remote mental influence”, “distant mental influence”, “directed conscious intention”, “anomalous perturbation”, and “mind over matter”.

On our August visit Master Jiang performed a brief welcome demo using a special type of “qi field”.

Watch, enjoy and comment.

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“With Contact” Pyrokinesis Demonstration

Full transcript of the video:

Are we convinced that there’s nothing in my hands?
I’m gonna dry myself a little bit on your shirt, is that ok?
Somebody wash that, for you.
So, this is what we call pine straw, it’s from the pine trees. Please, go and collect a buch of it and bring it over here. (voice in the background – What can he do with these straws? – I don’t know.)
Put it on Shi Fu’s hand.
Like this?
Even more.
Step back, stay close to me.
If I’m able to do this, please, give me a round of applause, this is not easy.
Background voices: Extraordinary !
What’s he doing?
He’s setting the straws on fire.
There’s the smoke.
Encourage him! Encourage him!
So he doesn’t need matches anymore.
What he says is “it’s taken fire”…… Aurelian, blow the fire, too.
This takes a lot out of me, so…. I appreciate the applause.
To Fa Gong for living things It’s one thing, but to generate this kind of heat for an inanimate object, it takes a lot…..
So, Shi Fu hopes that you understand why he doesn’t do that every day.
It’s not that I give every patient that comes to see me something like this, I consider you, guys, who’ve come from so far away to be like my foreign family and these kinds of things are for family, they’re not for everyone.

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We are glad to provide a vimeo version here as well:

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Bucharest Fridays Book Sampling, June 7th 2013

Here’s the short video of the event where I was invited for a book sampling.

This is the transcript book’s presentation:

It is an honor for me to be here,

This the first time I am here;

This book is written in English, to be read by everyone;

I have travelled to China every three months since 2006; if we consider only the travel costs that means about 60.000 EUR;

A week in China costs about 2000 € and as I went there four times a year since 2006 …. the book costs $ 200 …  just kidding!;

The book is free for everyone who is present here and it is my way to thank for everything I experienced and lived there;

I go there to practice Qi Gong and to meet my master, Master Jiang whose picture you can see here.

He is a Shaolin master from a lineage of 83 generation, and that means a tradition of over 2000 years

Thank everyone, and I’ll wait for you all here …… Thanks again ….

Other resources:


San Diego Book Sampling, April 14th 2013

Here’s the video from the first book sample on US.

The event was held in Sandiego, CA. There was a 120+ crowd. Appreneurs all of them.